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About Loch Lomond

About the Friends of Loch Lomond

The Society, established in 1978, has grown as an organisation whose views are respected at local and national level. The Society's own contribution to the conservation and enhancement of Loch Lomond and its surroundings has received widespread recognition.

The income of the Society is derived from members subscriptions, donations, and fund-raising activities organised by members. Officers and Members of the Executive Council are elected annually and administer the Society's affairs on behalf of the members. A Newsletter, detailing their activities and achievements along with information of general interest regarding Loch Lomond and Scottish travel, is published twice yearly and is sent free to all members.

The Friends of Loch Lomond - with members as far afield as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States of America and several European countries as well as Great Britain - can truly claim worldwide support for its objectives.


If you wish to help them further with their projects, donations, no matter how small, are most welcome. Money provided by the Society as a project sponsor would normally result in the release of public funding amounting to at least 75% of project costs. Since 1983 this has brought over half a million pounds of conservation work to Loch Lomond, which would not otherwise have been carried out. If you are able to make a donation to the Friends of Loch Lomond please send it to the Membership Secretary, who will be pleased to acknowledge it.